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ParaStruct wins the EIT Circular Economy Price

Circular Economy Prize winners use next-generation tech to advance a European circular society

NEWS 16 NOV 2022

Four ground-breaking tech solutions have been awarded the EIT Circular Economy Prize to help advance a circular society across Europe.

A circular economy is necessary for Europe’s green and digital transitions, and ultimately, for carbon-neutrality. It is a framework for industry and consumers to re-use, recycle, refurbish, and repair existing materials and products for as long as possible. The approach is an enabler of both economic growth and reduction of carbon emissions.

The EIT Circular Economy Community has launched the EIT Circular Economy Prize to award start-ups with groundbreaking solutions related to the circular economy. The Circular Economy Community is led by EIT RawMaterials, with the involvement of EIT Food, EIT Manufacturing, EIT Climate-KIC, and EIT Urban Mobility.

This new competition is part of the EIT Community mission to progress a circular society across Europe. The initiative identifies start-ups and SMEs with significant innovations for enabling a circular approach in industry and society.

The winning start-ups offer solutions ranging from technology that can decarbonise the construction industry to durability labels for products that can guide consumers towards more responsible purchasing choices. They will each receive EUR 15,000 to help bring their solution to market.

Find out more about the four phenomenal 2022 winners below.

An Alpine mission to Decarbonise Construction

Technicians and scientists witnessing the effects of climate change in the Alpine region came together to form the start-up ParaStruct. Their mission is to decarbonise the construction industry and reduce resource inefficiencies. They were awarded the Circular Economy prize for their advanced 3D power-printing technology that enables the recycling of construction waste into high-quality materials for re-use.

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