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Tomorrow Starts Today

The construction and building sector are responsible for 38% of Co2 emissions and 40% of the global mineral consumption. Building materials are recovered but not recycled. The damage to the environment and biodiversity resulting from the extraction of more and more resources runs into billions of euros. 

We will significantly reduce the construction industry's carbon footprint and make it circular. We will use all our knowledge, experience, perseverance and magic to achieve this. 

The Founder of ParaStruct has a background in developing 3D printing technology for the construction industry. He has been developing 3D printers, materials and applications for the last eight years in this field to enable material-saving construction. With our latest developments, we can offer new binder systems and material blends that make a circular economy in the construction industry possible. When we talk about a circular economy, we mean that we can return our materials to their original use. That is a game changer for sustainability in the construction industry.

We Made
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 What we do


We are always looking for young and experienced talent. More important than your background is your commitment. We are a company that promotes equality and inclusion. Contact us if you want to contribute to the change. 

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